Media Release

29 September 2022

Mac Pt. Stadium Proposal Provides Certainty

‘Time’s up’, says Robert Mallett CEO of the Tasmanian Small Business Council.

‘We have been dithering about with Macquarie Point for decades and now that we have a broad ranging, multi-use facility suggestion on the table, complete with positive analysis from one of the world’s leading consulting agencies, we should embrace it.’

‘Tasmania’s construction and tourism sector has a cycle of boom and bust and the certainty a world class Arts, Entertainment and Sports facility will bring to not only Hobart but the entire Tasmanian economy, is exciting.’

‘With the slowing down of the economy as a result of some serious interest rate rises, now is the time for a significant project to be underway and completed in time for our next resurgence.’

‘A stadium of this size, in walking distance from southern Tasmania’s premier hotels and on the edge on a major transport route into the city will support the push for active transport for those close and invigorate the use of the greater Hobart bus infrastructure.’

‘The capping of the Tasmanian Government’s investment is a clever move to get the Commonwealth and private investors to get some “skin in the game” and ensure that its long term success is guaranteed.’

‘Let’s hope that the forthcoming local government elections will provide us with some visionary candidates who see this development into Tasmania’s economic future as a huge positive.’


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