Media Release

22 December 2021

Small Business Strategy a Valuable Collaboration

‘The release today of the Interim Business Growth Strategy is the culmination of weeks of work and consultation between the Tasmanian Small Business Council (TSBC), TCCI and the Government and all parties should be proud of the outcome’, said Robert Mallett CEO of the TSBC.

‘The last two years have been challenging times for all Tasmanians, especially those invested in stock, plant, machinery and employees.’

‘The opportunity to work collaboratively on such a document has been a privilege and the chance to work with the Tasmanian small business sector to see it implemented and utilised will be exciting.’

‘Businesses throughout Tasmania should recognise the significant number of support mechanisms highlighted by the report and the opportunities for business owners to seek advice and support when times are difficult.’

‘The TSBC will work closely with the Government and Hon Jane Howlett MP, Minister for Small Business to ensure that the operating environment for the Tasmanian small business sector is as robust as it can be.’


Robert Mallett


Tasmanian Small Business Council

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0408 144 884

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