Media Release

12 August 2021

Small Business Support Arrives in the Nick of Time

‘Today’s announcement of a $20 million package to support a number of Tasmanian industry sectors has arrive just in the nick of time’, said Robert Mallett, CEO of the Tasmanian Small Business Council.

‘The partnership support between the Tasmanian and Federal Governments demonstrates the role that every sector of the Tasmanian economy plays in our overall economic and cultural wellbeing.

‘Whilst the amounts are not in the same realm of the previous Federal jobkeeper plan, they will be gratefully received and will enable key business expenses of small tourism, hospitality and related businesses to be supported.

‘Businesses which have suffered a demonstrable 30% decline, attributable to interstate travel restrictions, in the to be announced timeframe will be able to apply for the assistance from next Tuesday when the plan is formalised and processes are in place.

‘The examples of economic hardship, lockdowns and the restriction of movement in other states serves to further reinforce the messages provided by the Tasmanian Premier in reinforcing our borders and encouraging every Tasmanian to get vaccinated and ensure that they use the Check in Tas app every time they enter a commercial premises.

‘All Tasmanians can only hope that the affected states get their COVID infections under control so that the flow on effects to Tasmania are minimised.


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