Media Release

14 January 2022

Small Business Welcomes New Support Measure

CEO of the TSBC has welcomed today’s announcement that the Tasmanian Government will provide financial support to small businesses which have experienced a significant downturn in business since the reopening of the border.

‘Opening the borders was the right decision. Mainlanders are here holidaying for the first time in many months and it is they who are sitting in restaurants and cafes around the state.

‘Tasmanians however seem to be taking a more cautious approach with travel and their shopping activities and so it’s not totally surprising that some businesses are not as busy as expected.

‘The additional support, up to $5000, for food and hospitality businesses where they may have experienced spoilage as a result of cancelled events or business downturn, is also appreciated.’

‘The application process will again be relatively simple but will not be available until next Wednesday. This should give all businesses the chance to get their figures ready for their submission.’

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