Your business may be changing the way it delivers services to customers and clients, such as offering online ordering or booking, click and collect or even interacting more via email, messenger and mobile than you have before.

Your business may also be changing the way you and your staff work together: working from home, collaborating on documents online, video conferencing, or setting up group chats.

To make it work as well as it can, you might need new software, new hardware and new skills. That help is out there (and you can also look at our financial support page, to find out how you can get the technology you need in the most cost-effective way possible).

Tools, services and resources

Digital Ready program

The Digital Ready team are on hand to help you with tools and advice in your response to COVID-19.

Tempus Innovative Solutions

Tempus is one of our associate members and provides technical, online and IT support and is offering free consultations for those affected by coronavirus.


Optus is another of our associate members who can help you with your telecommunications.